The Board recommends a vote FOR all of our director nominees.

Director Profiles

The following profiles present information about each of the nominees for election as director. Our directors are elected annually, individually, and by majority vote. Our majority voting policy provides that any nominee proposed for election as a director in an uncontested election who receives less than a majority of votes cast in favor of his or her election must promptly tender his or her resignation to the Executive Chairman or, in the case of the Executive Chairman, to the Lead Director for Board consideration. There are no contracts, arrangements, or understandings between any director or executive officer, or any other person, pursuant to which any of the nominees has been nominated for election as a director of the Company. Dr. Dambisa F. Moyo and Mr. Gary A. Doer, who were first elected to the Board in April 2011 and April 2016, respectively, will retire at the Meeting due to conflicting meeting and other commitments in 2018 including, in the case of Dr. Moyo, preparations for the launch of a forthcoming book.

All other director information can be found in Report on Director Compensation and Equity Ownership, Committees of the Board, and in Structure & Operations.